Important information

  • The products are not intended for children under 3 years of age
  • The decals should not be handled by children before they are attached to the furniture due to the risk of suffocation
  • The decals are intended for indoor use
  • Our decals are slightly smaller than the furniture they will be attached to, to make them easier to apply and harder for little children's fingers to peel off
  • Minimum application temperature is 10 degrees.
  • The decals should not be left rolled up in their carton for too long after delivery as they may loosen at the edges after a while. Take them out of the box and lay flat immediately when you receive your decals.

General instructions for applying decals

See special instructions for selected products further down the page.

Step 1 – decide if the furniture needs to be disassembled

Before starting the application, you need to determine if the furniture needs to be disassembled before if the furniture is built, we recommend that you do this for the following products:

  • Ikea Duktig kitchen back - you can apply the decals to an assembled piece of furniture, but the lower part is much easier to apply if you detach the back and lay it on the floor
  • Ikea Duktig front side - handle needs to be detached before application. See instructions for placement of decals further down the page.
  • Ikea Flisat Dollhouse - remove the back of the dollhouse before application
  • Ikea Lätt children's table - remove one short side and remove the table top before application
  • Ikea Lätt chair - disassemble the front legs of the chair and remove the seat before application

Montera eventuellt isär möbel eller ta bort handtag.

Step 2 – clean the surface

The surface to which the decal is to be attached must be clean and dry. Be careful with alcohol-based cleaners or others that may leave a residue on the surface that impairs the adhesive's ability to adhere.

Step 3 – peel off the decal from the paper

Carefully peel the sticker from the paper from one corner. Small decals can be removed completely, but for most we recommend removing about 10 centimeters and then the rest in increments when attaching the decal.

Ta av dekalen från pappret.

Step 4 – attach the decal to the surface

Hold both edges of the decal and attach them to the surface, preferably start attaching at the top edge and ensure it is straight.

Apply the decal slowly, if you are not satisfied with the position, you can carefully peel it off again. You can remove the decal up to 24 hours after the first application.

Press and smooth out any bubbles and folds with your hands or a dry cloth. For creases that do not want to be smoothed out, we recommend that you carefully lift the decal and reposition it.

Step 5 – reassemble furniture and replace handles

When you are satisfied with the application of the decals, assemble the furniture and replace the handles.

Step 6 - source sort the remains

Our decals and the paper they are on are sorted as household waste.

More guides


In this video, there is a more detailed guide for applying decals to the Ikea Duktig children's kitchen, but the same principles apply to all our products. Please check before you start!


Location decals for Ikea Duktig front

See below how the decals for the front of Duktig's children's kitchen should fit, click here or on the image for an enlarged version.

Decal Removal Instructions

After 24-48 hours you can no longer remove the decal and apply it again, as the adhesiveness is lost. If you want to remove the decal, it is easier to heat it with a hair dryer. In most cases, decals can be removed without damaging the substrate, but this depends on the condition of the substrate before the decal was attached. We therefore cannot promise that no paint or other surface will be damaged when you remove the decal.